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Added on October 27th, 2020
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The Fire Alarm and Smoke Detection industry is making a concerted effort to improve standards, by increasing the required criteria for companies to meet industry regulations for best practice and system requirements. With this in mind, it’s critically important for developers, contractors and others enlisting the services of such companies, to choose a supplier that meets the high standards of these certifications.

This is why it is strongly recommended to choose firms which are accredited and certified by leading bodies within the specific sections of the industry.

The LPS 1014 certification is assessed by the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board), an international certification body measuring a firm’s capability and competence against numerous stringent requirements.

Certification to the LPS 1014, as a result, is exceedingly prestigious with only 1% of UK fire alarm companies being certified. This exclusivity paired with the strict requirements which must be met demonstrates the competency and quality which LPS 1014 firms bring to all projects.

The FDS RIBA Plan Breakdown

Our LPS 1014 Certification

LPS 1014 during project lifecycles

The wider umbrella FDS Group is comprised of three business units: FDS Consult, FDS Contracting and FDS Maintenance. These are created in conjuncture with the RIBA plan to ensure we are able to meet the demand of any project.

Whilst you are able to use a separate firm for the three different stages, it is enormously beneficial to acquire a single LPS 1014 firm ensuring your building has been subject to audited and competent firms from concept and design through to maintaining and servicing your fire safety systems.

In doing so, you will benefit from experienced and certified teams throughout the project lifecycle held together by a golden thread of continuity through our project management and administration.

FDS Consult

When beginning a project involving the need for a fire safety system such as building or renovating, it is imperative you seek advice from innovative and knowledgeable experts to get creative solutions which adhere to your initial design concept.

In choosing FDS Consult, you will receive a bespoke solution with the peace of mind that the recommended design and solutions on offer are innovative and practical as the system design capability is assessed during certification.

FDS Contracting

FDS Contracting reaps the main benefits of LPS 1014 for your project, the certification measures the firm’s capability in installation and commissioning which falls under FDS Contracting.

The reassurance which FDS Contracting brings you is the peace of mind that the systems which have been creatively designed and selected by FDS Consult are installed following the industries’ highest possible standards.

Alongside the reassurance of FDS Contracting’s capability and quality of work, the LPS 1014 allows for the integration of separate fire alarm and smoke ventilation systems into a single panel optimising space and cost but not substituting the quality.

FDS Maintenance

Whilst some opt to undertake the maintenance and servicing of installations by third parties, continuing the golden threat of the project through to FDS Maintenance ensures the project has been overseen by a firm with high certification.

This complete oversight of a project by an LPS 1014 firm will provide reassurance to all stakeholders of the building including developers, insurance firms and residents. This reassurance is extended through FDS Maintenance ensuring system longevity and that installed systems are continually compliant to industry regulations.

Get in contact today to receive high-quality systems and extremely competent certified LPS 1014 teams oversee your Fire Safety System design, installation, commission and maintenance.

Our LPS 1014 Certification

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