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Here at FDS Consult, we provide CPD seminars that are approved by CIBSE, to help educate industry professionals on the latest developments, knowledge, principles and application of fire engineering and fire safety design.

Our range of seminars are available to clients across the U.K. For maximum convenience; our seminars can be held at client offices or meeting spaces to offer value to a broader audience.

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Our Current CPD’s

The Importance of Fire Safety System Maintenance

This seminar looks at the importance of Fire Safety System maintenance.

No matter how professional the installation was, or how efficient the handover of the system was all system require maintenance. Ongoing reliability is dependent on several factors out of the control of the building manager.

A programme of structured maintenance should be in place to ensure successful operation when the system required to work.

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The Benefits of Working with Expert Fire Engineers

A key recommendation from the recent Fire Safety reviews was the creation of a Joint Competent Authority (JCA).

The JCA involves Local Authority Building Standards, Fire & Rescue authorities and the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and requires these organisations to oversee the management of safety risks in High-Rise Residential Buildings (HRRB) across their entire life cycle.

Due to the complexity of Fire Safety and Smoke Ventilation Systems, it’s crucial to engage at an early stage in the design process with a specialist contractor for design, installation, commission and maintenance.

The session will look at the advantages of seeking expertise from specialists and how businesses can accommodate the proposed regulatory changes.

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Designing Compliant Solutions

We believe that a detailed design that meets the objectives of the development is a critical element in ensuring project efficiency.

Outlining the design at an early stage, and investing in the knowledge of a specialist contractor for Fire Safety and Smoke Ventilation will enable issues to be raised and ensure complete compliance with regulations and code of practice.

The session, ‘Designing Compliant Solutions’, studies the appropriate requirements and difficulties for design. We aim to illustrate a clear path through the vast sea of standards and regulations.

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The Consequences of Tighter Regulation

2019 saw several changes to the fire safety requirements of the Building Regulations, and there are more to come in 2020.

The recently amended Regulation 7, restricts the use of combustible materials within the external walls of residential and institutional buildings with a floor more than 18 meters above the ground.

The revision of Approved Document B has seen Building Control and the London Fire Brigade take a more rigorous approach to their application of the guidance outlined in Approved Document B, BS 9999 and BS 9991.

This seminar reviews the implications stemming from a tighter approach to ADB and looks at the design solutions available to the residential & commercial sectors.

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An Introduction to Smoke Ventilation

In this seminar, we cover the basic principles of smoke ventilation in today’s High Rise buildings. We will outline prescriptive guidance and alternative solutions such as engineered solutions.

In this Smoke Ventilation CPD, we also look at and explain areas that often raise confusion when it comes to specifying fire safety system products. We’ll use our industry knowledge to help demystify some of the components used and examine the available when considering the selection of controls packages.

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