Modern Methods of Construction

Modern Methods of Construction refers to the integrated procedures which have been established to decrease build times. Prefabrication and modularisation are particularly popular methods of MMC, nonetheless, the development and use of new materials such as glass fibre reinforced concrete, prestressed reinforced concrete beams and reinforced concrete blocks is also applicable.

Timber Frame Construction

As part of one coherent engineered structure, timber frame buildings are a reliable method of constructing buildings in a quick and efficient manner. Typically, timber frames, are made up of vertical and horizontal loads and are created and prefabricated off site. Timber frame construction can be a great way to reduce construction time by up to 30%. As well as being cost effective and sustainable Timber frame construction often meets building regulations when completed properly. However, during the construction phase, there might be concerns regarding fire risks, structural stability during the build, and susceptibility to weather conditions before the building is fully enclosed.

The inherent flammability of wood compared to other construction materials can be a concern, especially before fireproofing measures are implemented. Additionally, until the structure is adequately enclosed, exposure to weather elements might affect the timber’s integrity, potentially causing issues if not managed carefully.

This isn’t to say timber frame construction is inherently unsafe, but rather that during the construction phase, there are specific risks that need to be addressed and managed diligently to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations. Advanced planning, proper safety measures, and adherence to building codes can mitigate these risks significantly.