Fire Risk Assessment

You probably have a fire safety checklist for your building, but do you have someone responsible for carrying out a thorough Fire Risk Assessment on a routine basis.

Poor fire safety system maintenance has resulted in building owners, managers and risk assessors being prosecuted by the Fire Service under the Regulatory Reform Order (RRO).

The fact is that identifying potential hazards within the building’s fabric and the installed fire safety systems isn’t just a legal requirement. It is a task that needs to be undertaken by experienced Fire Safety Inspectors, like our team of experts at FDS Consult UK.

FDS Consult UK offers a complete package of fire safety provisions, including Fire Risk Assessment, Management and Evacuation Strategies. Because nowadays, a simple checklist just isn’t enough.

Fire Risk Assessment

At FDS Consult UK, our fire risk assessment involves a non-invasive, visual inspection of your building, identifying whether adequate life safety measures are in place.

Our experience and expertise as a fire consultancy company make us the perfect choice to perform this task. We have unparalleled knowledge of building safety design and can quickly determine what systems are required to provide sufficient safety measures.

As experts in our field, we are also in the position to suggest additional actions and management requirements that can improve the efficiency of your fire safety system.

A Risk Assessment report from FDS Consult UK will offer peace of mind and a high degree of fire safety advice and expertise.

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