Fire Safety Reviews & Audits

Fire safety reviews and audits

The law (Regulatory Reform Order 2005) stipulates that the responsible person for a building has an obligation to uphold its fire safety procedures to ensure the safety of its occupants. Fire safety audits are an appropriate method of inspecting the fire safety procedures of a building. The assessment typically involves reviewing all relevant fire safety documentation and ensuring it is fit for use.

Frequently auditing your fire safety procedures is advisable as it can help to identify and prevent any potential hazards or shortfalls. As part of an audit undertaken by FDS Consult UK, you will receive recommendations to help protect the property and ensure its fire safety policies are compliant.

The Fire Safety Act and the Fire Safety Order are two critical components in ensuring fire safety regulations are upheld within buildings in the UK.

Fire Safety Order (FSO)

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, often referred to as the Fire Safety Order (FSO), is legislation that outlines the regulatory framework for fire safety within non-domestic premises. It places the responsibility of fire safety on the “responsible person,” typically the building owner, employer, or occupier, who must ensure adequate fire precautions are in place.

  • The FSO covers various aspects of fire safety, including risk assessments, fire prevention measures, emergency evacuation procedures, fire safety training, and maintenance of fire safety equipment.
  • The FSO has been recently been strengthened by the introduction of the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 which introduces new duties for building owners or responsible persons as part of the FSO.

Fire Safety Act

The Fire Safety Act, introduced in response to the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy in 2017, further strengthens fire safety measures and regulations. It primarily focuses on high-rise residential buildings and clarifies the responsibilities of building owners and managers to assess and manage fire safety risks.

  • The Act aims to ensure that building owners or managers of residential buildings (specifically high-rise buildings) undertake proper risk assessments, maintain fire safety systems, and improve accountability for fire safety within such structures.

The Fire Safety Act is a response to shortcomings highlighted by the Grenfell Tower fire and intends to prevent similar tragedies by enhancing fire safety measures in high-rise residential buildings. It intersects with the Fire Safety Order by providing more specific guidance and regulations, particularly for high-rise buildings, within the broader framework established by the FSO.

Both legislative measures underline the importance of proactive fire risk assessment, robust fire safety measures, and adherence to regulations to prevent fire incidents and protect the safety of occupants within various types of buildings.

Independent third-party reviews

Independent third-party reviews are often required in large and complex projects where the approval authority requires an independent fire consultant to confirm compliance with the requirements of applicable codes and standards.

FDS Consult UK have qualified and experienced fire engineers to undertake independent reviews of:

  • Fire strategies
  • Fire protection system designs
  • CFD and evacuation modelling
  • Performance-based designs
  • Third-party inspections.

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