Why Choose Us

FDS Consult UK provides our clients with a holistic, creative, and innovative approach to fire engineering, ensuring your design and concept can be realised whilst ensuring environmental and occupant safety and property protection.

Fire Engineering Partner

For any type of building, the safety of occupants is paramount. Partnering with us during the initial phases of a new build or refurbishment project will ensure we can create the best possible solution using a combination of our specialist expertise, vast experience and the latest in digital design technologies.

Not only will this deliver superior safety but can also have benefits for the project as a whole. Careful consideration during the planning stages can allow for the specification of highly efficient solutions such as mechanical smoke ventilation systems. Consisting of powered fans that are attached to a shaft, these systems provide a greater level of smoke clearance compared with the natural ventilation systems whilst using smaller smoke shafts – creating additional internal space.

Combined with bespoke and intelligent fire strategies, this can allow for the creation of larger, open plan spaces, extended travel distances and, in some cases, negate the need to include additional staircases – further increasing usable space.

Early collaboration allows us to create a tailored solution and secure Building Control approval of the proposed scheme, providing peace of mind that completion of the project will not be delayed, and that cost certainty has been achieved.

Technical Excellence

Technical excellence is where it starts but we go further. As well as making people safer, we also work to ensure that clients have complete confidence in the solutions provided. We develop solutions to meet the specific challenges of the buildings, stakeholders, its location, and its occupants.

Maximising Safety

Our primary role is a technical one: to use our advanced products, design expertise and detailed knowledge of fire safety systems and building design to make people safer. We work holistically to find fire engineering solutions that enhance safety while remaining true to initial design concepts.

As fire engineers, we ensure that our solutions are practical, demonstratable in-keeping. This is supported by our expertise, which spans across a wide range of sectors and underpinned by a thorough understanding of the latest fire codes and building regulations. This ensures a reliable and fully compliant system for swift and hassle-free approval.

We have garnered an enviable track record, a formidable reputation and a long list of loyal clients that trust us to deliver results.

Expertise Backed Service

Choose FDS Consult UK and you’ll find our service characterised by attention to detail and a partnered approach. At every stage of a project, our fire engineers will discuss and explain the approach, so you are kept informed throughout. Our solutions-focused fire engineers will work with you to ensure that you benefit from the most efficient, effective, and viable solution possible, without ever compromising on safety or quality.

Our fully qualified team of fire engineers will work with approving authorities to ensure they are satisfied with our solutions and systems. Including the provision of demonstrations of the performance as and when required.