Ensuring you remain compliant with evolving regulations

At FDS Consult UK, we believe that sharing our knowledge of Fire Safety will contribute greatly to creating a safer building environment for all shareholders of a building.

One of the many ways we do this is through CPD services, which we provide to individuals and teams looking to meet their CPD curriculum requirements (RIBA requires each chartered member to spend 35 hours per year on CPD) or who hope to improve their knowledge across all stages of the RIBA plan.

With so many changes to fire safety regulations, it is worth staying on top of the latest developments. An added incentive, Dame Judith Hackitt has even gone as far to recognise companies who reform their working practices before they are legally obliged to by new regulations. One company that have taken the appropriate steps to do this, Taylor Wimpey, were the latest company to develop their understanding of fire safety through our “The Consequences of Tighter Regulation” CPD.

CPDs during COVID-19

We offer these services free of charge and have always coordinated with firms to send our experts delivering the CPD to your premises. Now, given the circumstances, we offer a way to continue to improve your industry knowledge: CPD via online video platforms such as Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

A great way of Navigating the pandemic, video conferencing can be used for multi-media webinars and presentations like ours. Through this software, we can deliver training through presentations/workshops and hold discussions and Q&A’s. This also avoids the need to travel to your office and software can even facilitate over thirty people to join on a single call.

If you’re interested in organising CPD for yourself or your team, get in touch with us to discuss your educational needs. We’ll tailor our CPD according to your preferred topic and depth of learning. This ensures that our course fulfils as many of your CPD requirements as possible.

Once we understand your objectives of undertaking an FDS CPD, we organise how the session will be conducted to provide the most important information accordingly. Working with your team’s CPD coordinator, we facilitate a time and date which suits all attendees and provide an electronic invite that will activate as the course starts.

Get in touch today to discuss how our CPDs can help educate and build on your company’s fire safety and smoke ventilation knowledge in order to ensure your current and future projects are compliant. 


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