FDS Consult UK towers above rest in Kuwait

Tackling a highly complex project, FDS Consult UK’s skilled consultancy team is defining a fire strategy in Kuwait for Al Asima.


Representing Kuwait’s major economical growth and regeneration, the Al Asima is a phenomenal retail development that will total almost a million square feet of mixed-use retail space, and also include a hotel, offices and a three level underground car park.

In a development so large, the people population will be immense, which poses a significant issue regarding evacuation times. Additionally, Kuwaiti, British and USE standards and regulations have to be followed. However, these are often limiting and fail in suiting the structure’s needs.

FDS Consult UK is undertaking a fire engineered approach to develop the optimum strategy. It is also utilising CFD modelling to incorporate an Impulse Fan System in the extensive car parking areas – a system that’s totally new to Kuwait.

See www.salhia.com – developer website


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