Welcome Raahim Mahmud to FDS Consult UK

We would like to welcome Raahim Mahmud to the FDS Consult UK team. Raahim joins us as a Graduate Fire Engineer, having finished a degree in Civil Engineering and gaining experience in Building Surveying and Party Wall Surveying.

What initially attracted you to the Graduate Fire Engineer role?

I was initially attracted to the role at FDS Consult UK as I felt there was a strong emphasis on the development of graduates and a focus on training and self-development. This was supported when talking to Frazer (Director of Consultancy) during the interview process, and I was also impressed with his views and understanding of mental health, as this is of particular importance to me.

When referring to the job role specifically, another key factor is that I believe I would gain great satisfaction working on a project from stage 0 through to eventual completion. The role of Graduate Fire Engineer will enable me to deliver compliant projects and give back to the community and future generations, which gives me great joy whether it is directly or indirectly.

What is your professional background?

A major accomplishment for me was graduating from university in 2022. Following this, I found myself a graduate job in building surveying – which was a great learning experience. Later, I completed a 6-week internship in party wall surveying.

Despite being a civil engineering graduate, I’ve always been open to different career pathways within construction or the built environment, which is why I have ambitions to pursue fire engineering.

From the team here at FDS Consult UK, we wish Raahim all the best in his new role and look forward to working with him in 2023 and beyond.


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