Maximise your building’s value while cutting costs – The FDS Consult UK Way

For any project in any line of work, Rationalising Design and cost savings are paramount.

By working with FDS Consult UK experts at the early stages of the process, you will be supplied with a wealth of experience to rely on,particularly as our experts offer impartial advice on all aspects from engineered design solutions to the most appropriate systems for your needs.

Whatever the scale or nature of the project, a free initial fire safety assessment from FDS Consult UK can allow greater design freedom and avoid non-compliance in key areas, including means of escape, compartmentation, fire fighting access and smoke ventilation.

All of the reviews carried out by FDS Consult UK are undertaken by our team of qualified fire engineering consultants, who are able to add real value to projects by helping to reduce both project build and fire safety system costs while still at an early design stage – providing long term cost savings and maximising long term returns on your investment.

Working with FDS Consult UK could help you achieve building regulations approval, greater design flexibility and prevent costly revisions and remedial works once construction commences – so it’s worth speaking to our team today on 01322 387 411 or via [email protected] to book yours today. You can even upload drawings for your building here and wait for one of our experts to get in touch.


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