Regulatory Reform Order – Fast Facts

You may be aware that Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) is one of the most widely applicable fire safety laws in the UK – but do you know what types of buildings it covers and what level of responsibility the law enshrines on you? Here, Jigar Pandya – Senior Fire Engineer at FDS Consult UK, tells you all you need to know

Where does RRO Apply?

Jigar Pandya: “Put simply, pretty much any public building or open space. In fact, the only types of buildings and dwellings not covered by the Order are private homes and properties (whether houses or flats), which are the responsibility of the householder or resident. If you have any level of responsibility for any public use building – even privately owned commercial or retail premises, you have an obligation to follow the legislation.

What are my responsibilities?

JP: “The first responsibility you have is to evaluate the premises, identifying both potential dangers and areas of concern, as well as considering individuals within the area that are particularly vulnerable in the event of an emergency. You must take all reasonable steps to safeguard the building from fire, including devising escape strategies and installing adequate fire safety measures. You should also consider the building’s use – allowing for the safe storage of flammable materials.” Finally, routinely check the premises to ensure that good fire safety practice is being followed and keep a log of your findings – identifying areas for further improvement and ongoing maintenance.

What do I need as part of my plan to meet RRO?

JP: “Although the use of the building (and any sector specific legislation) will have an impact on the level of fire safety measures necessary, a minimum requirement in all cases is the use of a fire detection and warning system and a way of fighting small fires – such as fire extinguishers and blankets. Working with a fire engineer it should be easy to identify the most suitable, practical and cost effective fire safety solution for the needs of your premises. “At FDS Consult UK our fire consultancy experience and expertise, combined with our unparalleled knowledge of building design safety, allows us to impartially advise you to determine what is needed when it comes to fire alarms, smoke venting and compartmentation – making your fire safety strategy simple and effective.”


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