Another Successful Year for Our Webinars

As we begin the second quarter of 2016, many of you will be on the lookout for our latest FDS Consult UK Webinar Programme, which more than 200 of you logged on to last year alone.

What do our webinars cover?

From ‘Fire Engineering in Refurbishment Buildings’ to ‘Fire Engineering in Education Buildings’, the webinars covered a wide range of topics, all focusing on fire engineering and fire safety in new or existing developments.

After receiving feedback from our viewers, we’ve taken a new approach to the series, and rather than hosting one-off sessions at intervals throughout the year, we’ve decided to host our most popular webinars on one easy-to-access page, allowing you to learn about the various aspects of fire engineering at a time that suits you.

As well as our ‘Introduction to Fire Engineering’ webinar, which sets out the principals of the practice, we’ll also be hosting our two most successful webinars from 2015, ‘Fire Engineering in Residential Buildings, and ‘Fire Engineering in Open Plan Residential Apartments’.

Presented by Alastair Crossley, the Residential Building webinar discusses how residential developments can meet fire safety regulations and maintain a high safety standard, whilst maximising saleable space and reducing build and fire safety system cost, a common necessity in today’s construction industry.

The second of our two most successful webinars was presented by Jigar Pandya, who discussed the fire safety design of open plan layouts in residential buildings, including the applicable guidance and how a fire engineered approach to construction can overcome the limitations of the guidance.

Whilst a large number of the webinars cover fire engineering services across various types of developments, we have also dedicated a video to the benefits of using smoke ventilation systems, and incorporating the systems to achieve building regulations. The webinar also discusses the considerations a developer should take when using sprinklers in a residential building and their benefits.

To view our webinar library simply visit our Webinars section, we hope you enjoy the series and look forward to hearing your feedback


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