Fire Safety In Hotels

Fire engineering in the hotel sector involves implementing fire safety measures to protect guests, staff, and property in hotels and other hospitality establishments.

While hotels share some challenges with other commercial buildings, such as large occupancy levels and complex layouts, they also have unique considerations due to the transient nature of guests and the presence of amenities such as restaurants, bars, and leisure facilities.

Here are some of the challenges involved in fire engineering for hotels:

Guest Safety

Ensuring the safety of guests is paramount in hotel fire engineering. Hotels often have a transient population, with guests unfamiliar with the building layout and evacuation procedures.

Our Fire Engineers must design fire safety systems and evacuation plans that are clear, intuitive, and accessible to guests of all abilities.

Occupancy Loads

Hotels can experience fluctuations in occupancy levels, with peak periods during holidays, conferences, or special events. Our team of Fire Engineers must account for these variations in occupancy when designing fire protection systems for fire safety in hotels, ensuring that they can accommodate the maximum number of occupants expected during peak times.

Complex Building Layouts

Many hotels have complex layouts with multiple levels, wings, and interconnected spaces. Navigating these layouts to optimise fire safety in hotels features, such as fire detection systems, sprinkler coverage, and evacuation routes, can be challenging for fire Engineers.

Amenities and Public Spaces

Hotels often feature amenities such as restaurants, bars, conference rooms, and leisure facilities, which can pose additional fire risks. Our engineers for fire safety in hotels must assess these spaces for fire hazards and design appropriate fire protection measures to mitigate the risk of fire spread and ensure the safety of occupants.

Heritage Buildings and Renovations

Some hotels are housed in historic buildings or undergo extensive renovations to modernize their facilities. Balancing the preservation of historic features with the implementation of modern fire safety in hotels, requires careful planning and coordination among architects, engineers, and preservationists.

Regulatory Compliance

Hotels must comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 as well as a range of regulations in fire safety in hotels and building codes, which can vary depending on the location and size of the property. Fire Engineers must stay up-to-date with evolving regulations and standards to ensure that their designs meet or exceed legal requirements.

Emergency Preparedness and Training

Hotels must have robust emergency preparedness plans in place to respond effectively to fire emergencies. Fire Engineers play a key role in developing these plans and providing training to hotel staff on fire safety procedures, evacuation protocols, and the use of fire protection equipment.

Integration with Hospitality Operations

Fire Engineers must consider the impact of fire safety measures on the overall guest experience and hotel operations. This may involve balancing requirements for fire safety in hotels with aesthetic considerations, minimizing disruptions to guest activities, and ensuring that fire protection systems are compatible with hotel management systems.

Overall, fire engineering in the hotel sector requires careful consideration of the unique challenges and priorities of hospitality establishments to ensure the safety and well-being of guests, staff, and property in the event of a fire emergency.

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Smoke Venting System, Corinthia Hotel

One of London’s landmark hotels has undertaken a complete restoration and recreation with the help of leading smoke venting contractor FDS Contracting (FDS).

The five-star Corinthia Hotel stands on the site of the former Metropole Hotel in Westminster after a lengthy remodelling process undertaken by main contractor Ardmore Construction Limited. As part of this restoration, The Corinthia retains many original features such as its ornate Northumberland Avenue entrance and Grand Ballroom, while incorporating contemporary features to preserve an air of modern luxury.

Ardmore initially appointed sister company FDS Consult (FDSC) to provide fire design advice and a fire strategy for the development. Utilising Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modelling Analysis, FDSC was able to optimise the building programme by recommending the most practical methods of protecting the structure from fire, whilst gaining approval for the justification of intensive and open plan bedrooms and suites – providing cost savings during the construction phase and maximising usable space. FDS Consult was able to justify the removal of a potentially costly sprinkler system within the residential element of the development as part of this optimised building programme.


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