No ‘Curtain Call’ For Selco Warehouses

FDS Consult UK has just won a contract to undertake the fire engineering strategy for several Selco warehouses, based on the success of a project at the company’s Tottenham-based warehouse.

The original strategy called for a large, expensive, fire-rated curtain to be installed to achieve code compliancy by compartmenting the warehouse into two parts. FDS Consult UK used their expertise and understanding of the fire codes to assess the means of escape and demonstrate that occupants would be able to evacuate the building without risk, and
that fire fighting access was adequate.

This was a risk-free exercise for Selco as FDS Consult UK operated on a no-win, no-fee basis. However, the design went on to achieve the necessary approvals, Selco was saved the expense of installing a large fire-rated curtain and FDS Consult UK was appointed to undertake a similar application for several other Selco establishments.

If you would like to find out how to achieve a more cost-effective way to achieving approvals please contact us on 01322 387411


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