FDS Consult UK Responds to Need for Specialist CPD’s

The recent FDS Consult UK CPD seminar, focusing on Education and Transit buildings, has helped to enhance the company’s growing reputation for providing the very best in informative half-day Fire Engineering seminars.

The well-attended event covered various aspects of fire safety design considerations within both of these applications including the requirements under the British Bulletin 100 (BB100) for education buildings, and how to ensure business continuity within transit buildings, as just a couple of examples.

FDS Consult UK’s move towards more specialised CPD seminars comes off the back of a series of very successful events that have taken a general view on how to achieve fire safety legislation compliance, how to value engineer fire strategies in order to maintain a scheme’s architectural vision and achieve maximum safety at minimum cost for a range of sectors. The very specific line of questioning raised during the seminars and the feedback received post-event, has led FDS Consult UK to develop a more specialised programme focusing on specific applications. This will ensure issues as specific as considering the behaviour of children in schools or addressing refurbishment and alteration works for instance, are covered and architects receive in-depth education on the areas they specialise in.

If you would like more information about the 2012 CPD Seminar Programme please contact 01322 387 411 – unfortunately spaces are limited for the specialised format seminars.


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