The FDS Consult UK Webinar Series – Unlocking the Mysteries of Fire Design

At FDS Consult UK we don’t just provide quick answers, we believe in explaining our methodology to our customers. This allows us to help develop their understanding of the principles and application of fire engineering and fire safety design, while also demonstrating its benefits.

With this aim in mind, our long-running series of free webinars seeks to inform professionals at various levels in the design and management of a building of the increased design freedom, cost savings and floor space maximisation that taking an engineered approach can offer.

Covering sectors including residential, commercial and education, as well as areas that require special considerations, such as fire engineering for tall buildings and understanding the impact of the Regulatory Reform Order, these one hour sessions can benefit a myriad of projects.

By including real life case study examples of our previous work we can demonstrate the practical results of involving FDS Consult UK from a project’s early stages. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modelling, ASET vs RSET assessments and travel distance calculations are just a few of the subjects covered.

We’ve had an excellent response to the events, and the comments and questions raised by those taking part enable us to continue the development of the presentations to best suit you, the audience. One of our most popular webinars is the ‘Introduction to fire engineering, its benefits and applications’ presentation, which we have hosted twice this year due to popular demand.

Providing an overview of the applications and benefits of fire engineering to overcome the restrictive nature of fire safety on building design and achieving regulations compliance, the event allows participants to become familiar with the concepts which will be discussed in later, more sector-specific sessions.

For further information on this year’s upcoming webinars and to register for the events, visit or call Helen Jeffery on 01322 387 411.


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