LPS 1014 Certified firms for installation

With increasingly stringent regulations being introduced into the Fire Alarm and Smoke Detection System industry, our LPS 1014 certification demonstrates the competence and reliability of our work.

Why does the certification matter?

Firms which are LPS 1014 certified have proven they are both competent and produce high-quality solutions which conform to stringent industry regulations. The certification process is rigorous being assessed against the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) measuring the firm’s competency throughout the design, installation, commission and maintenance of systems.

As a result, there is only 1% of firms in the UK who possess the certification demonstrating the level of proficiency LPS 1014 firms have and the confidence which leading bodies have for the quality of their work.

Although being assessed by the LPCB, the criteria needing to be met was written by industry-leading bodies meaning those qualifying need to demonstrate their capability against the top professionals and experts of the field.

Engaging with these certified firms will provide you with peace of mind that the fire safety systems being installed are compliant to the highest standards and that the building and residing occupants are well looked after in the case of an emergency.

Why choose an LPS 1014 certified firm?

As established, the certification is extremely difficult to procure and it is annually audited to ensure firms remain competent and compliant. Through choosing a certified firm, you will ensure that all projects under the RIBA plan are being undertaken by a certified and experienced firm ensuring that buildings and shareholders such as architects, developers and occupants can receive maximum safety reassurance.

Alongside this, demonstrating your systems are being installed and maintained LPS 1014 certified companies can assuage and reassure investors and insurance firms of the reliability and protection which the building has in case of a fire.

With a firm’s capability being assessed for the maintenance and servicing post-installation, our dedicated maintenance business unit has the resources and competency to ensure installations remain compliant. Additionally, this has the potential to increase the longevity of systems through regular servicing ensuring maximum benefit from your costs.

Get in contact today and ensure you have an LPS 1014 certified company to ensure peace of mind for your building and residents’ safety. Our dedicated units ensure the entire project complies to the highest regulated standards yet meet the original creative design.

Our LPS 1014 Certification


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