At FDS Consult UK, we know that our innovative approach works but we also know that we need to prove it. That’s where the computer (CFD modelling) comes in.

By using the most advanced computer modelling techniques, we can present a clear and substantiated case for a more creative approach to fire design. Our use of Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling (CFD Modelling, also known as Smoke Modelling) allows us to create a virtual replica of your building and map the spread of fire and smoke to demonstrate how our fire strategy would work in practice.

Meanwhile, Evacuation Modelling and Time Equivalence Modelling ensure that we can prove that our evacuation strategies work and our use of Finite-Time Analysis can provide the evidence needed to help prevent the over-specification of fire safety measures.

Smoke Modelling

CFD Modelling

We have the most advanced technology at our fingertips because we’re at the vanguard of what we do and you can rely on our fire engineering consultancy to use these tools to help us secure fire approval for your building. FDS Consult UK provides CFD modelling that facilitates the building regulations approvals.

fire modelling

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